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Episode 4: HP Sauce

Episode 4: HP Sauce

July 8, 2021

"More contaminant than condiment". "An amazing copper and brass cleaner". "BAD waste of money".

One of the world's most popular brown sauces has plenty of detractors across various comment sections. Maybe they should try Hammonds Chop Sauce, or Wilkin & Sons.

Links in this episode:

The Guardian: Brown sauce sales are falling: has Britain finally come to its senses? (//


IanVisits: Is HP Sauce really named after the Houses of Parliament? (// HP Sauce Original 255g (//

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Episode 3: Coeur d’Alene

Episode 3: Coeur d’Alene

June 10, 2021

You may never have heard of America's #1 emerging property market! You definitely won't have heard of Daphne's prime picnic spot, because she is not telling.

Links in this episode:

The No. 1 Emerging Property Market in America is not in Texas or Florida; You May Never Even Have Heard of It (MarketWatch)

McEuen Park and Dog Park, Coeur d’Alene (Google Maps)

Petone Foreshore Playground (Google Maps)

Lake City Bakers (Restaurant Guru)

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Episode 2: Ebooks

Episode 2: Ebooks

June 4, 2021

"A house without books is no place for children or gentlemen." And other such comments debating the value of ebooks and print books. I say just do what works for you, eh?


Links for this episode:


'A Book You Remember, a Kindle You Forget on Bloomberg Opinion'

'Books vs ebooks: Protect the environment with this simple decision' on The Eco Guide

''Are e-readers greener than books?' on NYT Green blog


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Episode 1: DVDs

Episode 1: DVDs

May 27, 2021

DVDs are mouldering in drawers, lonely in their piles, dying to see the light once more - and that's just in my house. Wait until you hear what people on the internet have to say about them.

Links mentioned in this episode:

‘United they stand: The people behind our last video stores’ ( 

'Streaming a Movie Uses Less Energy Than Watching a DVD' (Smithsonian Online)

'Best Blu-ray player for 2021' (CNET)

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